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Heavy duty brass 1/2" NPT garboard drain plug Kit. Total diameter of drain is 2" inches. Fits 1" hole. WIth 1/2" NPT threads and male plug.   Made from brass, the nut plug can easily be removed by wrench or pliers. Machined, tapered pipe threads ensure water tight fit. Plug uses 1/2" NPT male threads and is countersunk for #8 screws.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: We recommend professional installation.

#1. Remove screws from old drain plug.

#2. Remove body of old drain plug.

#3. Remove as much rust and grime from stern where old drain was attached. Ajax works well.

#4. Make sure area is clean and dry.

#5. Test fit new brass drain. The drain fits 1” inch hole.

#6. While drain is fitted in hole of boat, mark holes for screws

#7. Drill pilot holes for screws. Use 1/8” metal bit [drain plug uses #8 stainless or brass screws].

#8. Completely fill all of the new and existing screw holes with 3M 5200 SEALANT as well as the entire surface around the hole in the transom. Also apply a generous amount of 5200 to the back of the new drain [Being careful not to get any on the new threads].

#9. Dip threads of new screws in the 5200 sealant and then run them through the new drain into the pilot holes that you just drilled and tighten by hand.

#10. Clean any excess sealant from the drain plug with a clean cloth.  And allow to dry for 24 Hours before placing the boat in water.