$150.00 $99.00

     NEW Deluxe 50W GARBOARD LED boat plug light [Blue, Green, White, Red]:

    * That emit’s 4000-5000 lumens (lumens are what you must consider when buying any underwater boat LED!) 

    * With an unbeatable 160 degree light angle.

    * New 50,000 hour - 50W LED chip 

    * Includes NEW waterproof solid state LED DRIVER with quick disconnect.

    *  2.5" diameter head piece. You will need 1 1/4" between the center of your drain and the bottom of your boat. 

    Do not install light if it hangs below your hull line. 

    * 60 Day Warranty.

    This Light is made out of a thick, rugged brass 3/4" NPT plug [we include a 1/2" npt Adapter] that can be backed out to drain your boat with ease. [DO NOT USE ALUMINUM! BRASS IS INCOMPATIBLE WITH ALUMINUM. IT WILL PRODUCE GALVANIC CORROSION AND STICK!  ]. 

    The back side of our plugs are filled with high temperature epoxy. The outer clear lens is crystal clear UV resistant epoxy. No need to worry about them leaking because there is no plastic or glass to break. 

        You will receive over 10' of 16 awg power cable with current limiting protection built in.


    If you ever need to drain your boat, simply unscrew the plug and let it lay to the side or unsnap it and stick the light in your pocket with the new quick release design.  

    You can also hang these over the side of your boat to attract fish [works best about 18" Inches below water surface].