• Night Chaser 18w UV Fishing Black Light

    $109.00 $75.99

                NIGHT CHASER 

           18 Watt BLACK LIGHT


    The best black light for the money- Period!



    * SIX POWERFUL 3 WATT LED UV LIGHTS that produce 18 Watts of power. These six LEDS are equal to 90 of the 5mm lights which are common in black lights. 8x the power of closest competition.

    *395nm UV WAVELENGTH. This allows for great line illumination without spooking shallow fish with light.

    *SOLID CURVED LENS, that spreads the light evenly toward both bow and stern.


    *BUILT IN 12-24V VOLTAGE REGULATOR with reverse polarity protection built in. This allows the NIGHT CHASER to use a very small amount of power, while producing an amazing amount of light.

    *Two Industrial Grade Suction Cups holds the light securely to the side of your boat


    *100% waterproof. You can sink it to the bottom of the lake, and it will not damage it! This light is Extremely Durable and is able to handle the hardest use by serious fishermen.

    *COMPACT SIZE. This light is small enough [About 4”x2”x2”]to stow away without taking up unnecessary room in a dry well.


    *INCLUDES: 1/4" Gold Plated Mono Jack with 13 inches of Cable.

    *Lighter plug in with 8' of Cable.

    *Two brass Alligator Battery Clips.

    *Waterproof quick disconnect that makes it easy to change between power source.

    The NIGHT CHASER has 60 day warranty.