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    POWERFUL COB CAP LIGHT WITH UV MODE. Every Fisherman who enjoys fishing at night has dreamed of a high powered cap light with a built in black light mode. Now you have it. Our Night Chaser Torch cap light is super bright when you need it to be, or push the button for UV Black Light stealth mode. The 395NM UV leds will make your florescent fishing line glow like neon rope without spooking the shallow water fish. The Night Chaser Torch is light weight and can be clipped on your cap, or worn with the included headband.

    Not only this but it is RECHARGEABLE so you don't have to worry about buying batteries. We include a mini-usb charging cable so you don't have to worry about running out of battery life, as it can last 6 hours on the highest setting or 10 hours straight using the low beam or Black light setting. The Night Chaser Torch has four different lighting modes: High, Low, STROBE, and UV. .
    The Night Chaser Torch is super dependable and rugged. It is both water and impact resistant. It is also super versatile and adjustable. Not only do you have four settings, but you can adjust the angle of the light. This allows you to use your hands to perform tasks in the dark, like tying your favorite lure!

    Finally a cap light with all the features you ever wanted in a super compact rugged design, all from the most trusted name in marine lighting: FIRE WATER MARINE.