• Three Fuel Camping Stove Butane Propane and isobutane with Wind Proof Gas burner

    $25.99 $17.99

    From Fire Water Marine

    With the two included adapters you can use the fuel of your choice! Propane, Butane or Isobutane!

    The camping stoves are crafted from high-quality stainless steel and copper, ensuring resilience to high temperatures, strong resistance to oxidation, and corrosion prevention. The stove's core is constructed from copper material, providing excellent resistance to deformation and melting even under prolonged exposure to high firepower and temperatures.

    • This stove is STABLE! Featuring three sturdy fixed feet, the stove offers robust stability for it's size to accommodate cookware of various sizes. Serrated stands enhance friction with cookware, ensuring better anti-slip capabilities. With a bearing capacity of up to 10KG, the stove offers reliable support for your cooking needs. It will need to be placed on a level surface to ensure cookware doesn't slip.

    • It is WINDPROOF & HIGH ENERGY EFFICIENCY】— Our camp gas stove boasts a high power output of up to 3900W, facilitating even heat distribution and rapid boiling. The stove's windshield design effectively shields against wind, enhancing burning efficiency and conserving energy.

    • PIEZO IGNITION & FLAME CONTROL】— Equipped with a piezo ignition system and flame controller —simply adjust the canister on and press the ignition switch to ignite. The flame adjustment knob can control the flame size.

    • COMPATIABLE WITH 3 KINDS OF GAS CANISTER】— Our camp gas stove can connect the butane-propane blend tank (EN 417 Valve) directly. We also provide a Butane Adapter for 7/16 threaded monobutane, and a 1LB Propane Tank Adapter for 1lb propane small tank.

    • FOLDABLE & PORTABLE & COMPACT】— Weighing just under 1lbs and including a carrying box, our folding backpacking stove is lightweight and adds minimal bulk to your outdoor gear. An ideal companion for camping, hiking, backpacking, and other outdoor activities... We are dedicated to addressing any product or service concerns. Please feel free to reach out to us.

    ALWAYS connect Butane or Propane Adapters to the Stove's Fuel hose FIRST before you connect it to the fuel container. Or you may cause the fuel to spray from container!

    Make sure the Fuel control knob is off when adding or removing fuel canister.

    It is best to place your fuel canister upright! Placing the gas tank horizontally may lead to unstable gas flow, poor combustion conditions, and increased risk of gas leakage, all of which may contribute to flash fire incidents. It is advisable to keep the gas tank in a right position and adhere to correct usage and operational protocols.